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Daniel Askren - Prosecutor
​Child Support Division
Deputy Prosecutor
Craig Jones

Title IV-D Administrator    
Elizabeth Askren

Title IV-D Deputy Admin.
Sharon Stonecipher

Title IV-D Support Asst.
Becky Dinsmore
The Child Support Division of the Prosecutor's Office operates the Title IV-D child support enforcement program for Fountain County. The child support office has continued to strive to meet the needs of the community by implementing and utilizing all tools available under the Federal and State law. 

Services are open to all in the community who have children with only one parent in the home. Services may also be available to guardians of minor children. If the absent parent is in another state, child support can still be enforced. Services are availabe at no charge. You may download an application for Title IV-D Child Support Services from the link on this page or come to our office on the lowest level of the courthouse in the southwest corner. 

We are not involved in custody or visitation matters.


  • Enforcement of existing Child Support orders
  • Establishment of Child Support orders
  • Establishment of Paternity and Support orders
  • Reimbursement of State Public Assistance including TANF and obtaining health insurance orders in cases involving Medicaid coverage.
  • Investigate and file criminal charges as appropriate for Non-support of Dependent Child under Indiana law.
  • Refer cases where appropriate to the U.S. Attorney's Office for investigation of violation of Federal non-support of a child.