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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Askren, Daniel L Prosecutor Prosecutor 765-793-6250
Askren, Elizabeth Title IV-D Administrator Prosecutor 765-793-6250
Baldwin, Becky Court Reporter Fountain Circuit Court   765-793-6209
Booe, Crystal Deputy Auditor/Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Auditor 765-793-6243
Booe, Tom Council Member - At Large County Council 765-294-2974
Carlson, Kelly Council Member - At Large County Council 765-426-0068
Chambers, Colleen Auditor Auditor 765-793-6243
Coffing, Susan Treasurer   765-793-6226
Copenhaver, Paula     765-793-6230
Covault, Travis Assistant Superintendent Highway 765-294-2971
Crowder, Denise Council Member    
Cruea, Dudley Council Member - At Large County Council 765-762-1000 x 321
Fishero, Jeff Council Member    
Flora, Saundra Deputy Treasurer   765-793-6226
Griffin, Melissa Assessor Assessor 765-793-6206
Hall, Andrew County Commissioner - District 1 Commissioners 765-585-3344
Hardy, Brenda County Commissioner - District 2 Commissioners 765-585-0386
Holmes, Tina Deputy Director of EMA Emergency Management 765-793-0833
Hooten, Caitlyn Probation Officer Probation 765-793-6236
Johnson, Kim Deputy Auditor/Payroll/Human Resources Auditor 765-793-6243
Keller, Susan Court Reporter Fountain Circuit Court   765-793-6209
Lathrop, Bill Court Officer     765-793-6209
Lescak, Harrison Probation Officer Probation 765-793-6236
Lewis, Jason Superintendent Highway 765-294-2971
Marquez, Jeffrey      
Staff 1-25 of 47