Local Emergency Planning Committee

The primary purpose of the Committee is to implement SARA Title Ill in Indiana, but its broader purpose is to enhance environmental protection and public health and safety as these are affected by chemical hazards in Fountain County.

Members List:

  • Joe Whitaker – Chairman (Emergency Management)
  • Greg Green – Vice Chairman (Media)
  • Tina Holmes – Secretary (Emergency Management)
  • Sara Wheeler – (Community Group)
  • Greg Robison – (Emergency Management)
  • Garth Kagels – (Emergency Medical Services)
  • Erich Haley – (Environmental)
  • Bart Crowder – (Fire Departments)
  • Donny Gill – (Health)
  • Greg Keeling – (Hospitals)
  • Brent Kapellusch – (Industry)
  • Kathleen Osborne – (Law Enforcement)
  • Andrew Hall – (Local Government) 
  • Jason Lewis – (Transportation) 

The Local Emergency Planning Committee meets four times per year on the 2nd Thursday of February, May, August and November at 12:00 PM. Meets in the EOC Room for Feb, May, and Aug. Meeting at the Beef House for November.