Mobile Home Moving & Transfer of Title

The State of Indiana has regulations on the moving and transfer of title of mobile homes.

  1. A mobile home may not be moved from one location to another unless the owner obtains a permit to move the mobile home from the county treasurer.
  2. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles may not transfer the title to a mobile home unless the owner obtains a permit to transfer the title from the county treasurer.
  3. A county treasurer shall issue a permit which is required to either move, or transfer the title to a mobile home if the taxes due on the mobile home have been paid. The permit shall state the date it is issued.
  4. A mobile home cannot be moved more than one month after the date of issuance of this permit.
  5. A mobile home owner who sells the mobile home to another shall provide the purchaser with t he permit required before the sale is consummated. A person who violates this commits a Class C infraction.
  6. A mobile home own must present a copy of this permit to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles when applying for title transfer. If the mobile home is to be moved, a separate permit must be requested prior to moving.

Complete the Mobile Home Permit Application Form for moving or transfer of title and submit to the Fountain County Treasurer's office.