The Auditor’s Office is at the center of the county. The office looks to check and balance the County to ensure the accounts are accurate. Our department works very closely with the Treasurer and Assessor to allow us to reconcile against each other. The Auditor’s office not only has to answer to the State agencies, but we serve the tax payer first. 

A few of the duties that are done in the office are deductions on your property, transfers, maintenance, abatements, budgets, payroll, accounts payable, tax sales, Tif, certification of net assessed values, distribution of tax revenue, accounting of all federal grants, settlement and general tax calculations. 

The Auditor also serves as secretary for the County Commissioners and County Council. The office is the official keeper of the minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts and bonds. 
We strive to create the best possible environment for the tax payers to get the information they need.